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01. Do Not Forget  The Basic Principle of Design
This may seem obvious, but it is worth remembering that a business card is a printed document, like any other.
Keep all copies of your keys at least 5 mm from the edge of the lining.
Works at 300 dpi for better image reproduction.
Remember to keep the minimum font size for readability.
Design in CMYK, if you work exclusively with special colors.

02. Make it Available for Reading
If you have a lot of information that you can show, you may be tempted to reduce the size of your text. Be careful: small texts can often be legible on the screen, but after printing they become illegible. In general, do not jump less than 8 points. Don’t forget the source: stay simple and professional: do not be tempted to use Comic Sans or a detailed calligraphy font that cannot be decoded.

03. Be creative
There are some “standard” sizes of business cards, depending on where you are in the world (perhaps because the size of the portfolios also varies slightly from one country to another).

04. Colorful or Simple
Bright colors, when used properly, can display a business card and make it visible. A simple black and white pattern can be as memorable and vivid as a bright card, and can often be considered more “elegant.”

05. Avoid Common Mistakes
Good to know some common mistakes when making business cards. The first and most obvious is to make sure the choice is made according to your printer.

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